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 Earn The Ultimate Hollywood Body In 90 Days 

Stevie Compagno: The Creator Of Movie Ready

I think we all know that the people we see in Hollywood are not working out once a day in the gym. 

They are working out multiple times a day consistently for months at a time. It's the reason their bodies look night and day different when compared to the typical after or before work gym goer. 

My client Gene Kang who followed the "Movie Ready" program (I will share him with you later on down the page) and Gene confirmed the secret that I have felt like I have known for so long. 

You see.....Gene is a Hollywood News Reporter which means he gets to interview and talk with actors who are getting ready to launch a big film. He told me the guys like Brad Pitt and Mark Whalberg are following a healthy nutrition program and doing shorter workouts throughout the day 2 or 3 times. 

Now me and you people with jobs and other commitments not getting paid millions to get ready for a movie can't go to the gym 2 or 3 times in 1 day. So what's the solution? home bodyweight workouts.

You can do all of the bodyweight workouts on top of your normal training routine from home. I made the workouts short never over 20 minutes on each. Something you can do when you need a short break from work or watching the game. 

The Movie Ready Men program includes 7 short bodyweight workouts for you to do each week that will progressively get harder (not longer) over a 90 day period. We will be putting most of the attention on your abs. 

Because most of our bodies are not used to being under the tension that you will experience during Movie Ready I included stretching routines that I will have you doing twice per week. 

And let's be honest..... you can workout all day but if your not eating the rights food you are going to miss out on bigger results. Because I know this proven fact I included my nutrition guide Fat Loss Hacks for you to follow on your Movie Ready journey. 

I want to be fully transparent... most men have a difficult time staying consistent to this program. Although, the ones who do have the results to show for it.
Here our Gene's results and what he had to say! 

Movie Ready User Gene Kang A Case Study 

"I knew these actors spent a lot of time in the gym and I always wanted to look like them. I just didn't have the time. The Movie Ready Program was great because I wasn't forced to go to the gym multiple times a day. It was a great challenge and allowed me to test myself. The plan was right there in front of me I just knew I needed to do it if I wanted the results. I was amazed at how attainable it was too. At first, I was a little nervous and didn't know if I could manage 10 workouts a week. But they are short and I felt I was being challenged more in these 20 minute workouts then I did during my 90 minute workout sessions by myself in the gym." -Gene Kang @genenbcla
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